We’ve arrived at the month of December

Where presents galore must be purchased, remember?

For siblings and parents, cousins and friends

As a token of kindness or else recompense.

We must also consider the parties you’ll throw

And that each jamboree is a show de facto,

So just to impress all your fabulous guests

We have a few wares that we’d like to suggest.


A well-chosen gift can sometimes intimate

To your mum that perhaps she should stop running late,

In the guise of a chronograph by Harry Winston

Whose white diamond snowflakes enchant in an instant:

Midnight Diamond Drops, with its white-gold case,

Could help mother dear see the error of her ways.


Simpler gifts that are always a winner

Include chocolates, which you have after dinner.

Godiva crafts Christmas Bites for our top pick,

And its kids’ advent calendar sure does the trick.

The ornament box makes a great chocolate treat

But the Sujet Noël might be too good to eat.


For a favourite auntie you might want to treat,

Ingrid Millet’s spa day just can’t be beat.

Lifting and lasers, massages and more –

She’ll thank you profusely once youth is restored. 

We’ve unearthed a present that bookworms will love –

A fine Montblanc pen they’ll never get rid of

Pays homage to scribe Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Whose Le Petit Prince stirred up such furore.

The writer won fame as a top aviator

So flight fiends will cherish this gift even greater.


Derek Rose has just the ticket for men –

Satin PJs they can wear in the den.

Pyjamas, first made in the year 1920,

Are fit for purpose when your beau’s eaten plenty.


Sisters will thrill at a John Hardy chain

Faultlessly crafted; they cannot complain.

Ancient techniques from Balinese royalty

Inspire the utmost in sibling loyalty.


Fashionistas will surely appreciate this,

A Dior bag like an embroidery disc

Tarot-inspired and designed for Cruise,

A much better buy than one more pair of shoes,

Hand embroidered and multiple-hued

We delight in the very good taste it exudes.


For those whose girlfriends are dispersed far and wide,

Make-up is something you cannot deride.

With high-grade mascaras you just can’t go wrong –

Helena Rubinstein’s make lashes so long!

A personal favourite is Dior Rosy Glow,

An elegant highlight and blush duo.

Kevin Aucoin’s Candlelight is sleek,

Go for it if you want cheekbones on fleek.

For lips, we recommend going whole hog

With Pat McGrath’s glitter lips, they’ll be agog.

So easy to get hold of on Net-a-Porter,

No need to go traipsing around bricks and mortar.


Two Christmas collections you may well consider

(Options are useful, so prithee don’t bicker):

Aesop is famed for its edited kits 

With The Enigmatic Mind’s curated bits

Of scrubs and washes for body and face

So when you go out you’re sure to look ace.

And Lancôme’s gift boxes, so full of rare treats,

The lipsticks and compacts will make you upbeat

Some that are made with Advanced Génefique

Ensure that your dermis will look magnifique!

For Christmas morn, when the whole house is astir,

Perrier Jouët starts your day with a whirr.

A good celebration calls for Grand Brut,

A limited run, so you must have a flute.


Lay a feast table with French silverware

Christofle’s La Ruche has plenty to share.

Outstrip the Joneses with gilded gold tray

Or colourful goblets in cheerful array.

The Macallan is good for when talk goes astray –

Family gatherings can oft be that way.

Pour a dram of Edition, sink into your chair

And let malt and aroma leave you without care.