Jet-setting with Viviana Volpicella | Prestige Hong Kong (Mar 2017)

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The Italian stylist and LaDoubleJ’s fashion director talks punchy packing and her travel highlights.

Travel essentials

I absolutely cannot start a trip without my Ray-Ban Wayfarers, obviously in black. We’re inseparable. A long dress is also essential because you can wear it casually during the day and, with the right pair of shoes and clutch, it turns into a perfect date dress. For chic clutches, I usually gravitate toward Prada, Chanel or Hermès. Last but not least is a military jacket, which is your best friend in a surprise thunderstorm or when you’re freezing under the air conditioning on a plane.


One of my favourite places ever is Masseria Torre Coccaro hotel in my beloved Puglia. It’s where tradition meets luxury, and it’s the best place to relax and leave the city behind.

Milan musts

There are two required stops in Milan. The first is to see Il Cenacolo di Leonardo Da Vinci (Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper), one of the most enchanting paintings in the city. Then you should go into Brera district for an aperitivo or just to wander the beautiful small streets.

Fanciful escape

When summer comes, I get excited for my weekends in Capri. It’s an absolute must in spring and summer.

Perfect day

I’m not demanding. For my perfect day I simply need to be on a beach, under the sun with the right people, the right man and an indispensable item – my favourite beer (absolutely Heineken).

Restless to revisit

Without doubt it’s Polynesia. I went there last summer to celebrate my 40th birthday. Sailing around the beautiful little islands and seeing such incredible heritage that’s so pure and uncontaminated was unforgettable. It was exactly as I’d dreamt it would be. 

Bucket list

I’ve travelled a lot in my life, but I can’t wait to see Panama, Costa Rica, Buenos Aires, Marrakesh and Belgrade.

Packing pointer

Carry-on hand luggage is the coolest way to travel. If you bring the right clothes and you have the right attitude, you really don’t need anything else.

Time to teleport

I’m obsessed with the Rolling Stones and glam-rock culture, so if I had an opportunity to go back in time I’d spend a night at Studio 54 in New York, dancing close to Bianca and Mick Jagger.