The Look | Prestige Hong Kong (Mar 18)


Is it ok to really like something you do? I was really determined to shape this trend/shopping feature around Trump's comment when I was conceiving the pages. Who says fashion can't pull up its sleeves and enter the fray, even in the humblest of shopping pages? 

I fought to keep the unapologetic political stance here because I was told that I should keep my opinions to myself. It's not appropriate in a luxury lifestyle magazine, apparently. Obvs had to make concessions, too junior etc but I'm happy I put up a tussle and managed to keep what I managed to keep. Haiti was screwed over by the US in a bigly way. I learnt this when I debated in high school and if I knew it as a piece of knowledge as a 15 year old, everybody else should know it too. Also I didn't agree to disagree, I generally don't in life. I flat out said the Donald was wrong, but hey, small steps right?