writers' bloc | prestige hong kong (sept 17)

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This was originally a section devoted to replicating the outfits of famous people in the arenas of fashion with a capital 'F', or entertainers, or muses, or royalty. With the revamp I was given the refreshing opportunity to play with the pages as I saw fit, drawing from spaces and people in life that did not have perhaps an obvious association with fashion or an immediate impact on the sales of merchandise. I combined the two things I love most, books and fashion. 

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Given that I firmly believe clothes speak much more audibly and immediately about the personality of its wearer and often the state of society at the time than most other mediums, it was not difficult to find women authors who also saw the power and weight of our sartorial choices beyond aesthetic pleasure. It's also cool that right around the time that I'm putting this up, the Joan Didion documentary, "Joan Didion: The Centre Will Not Hold" is finally up on Netflix.