Fast Take: Erdem x H&M

I write for a luxury magazine and as such am not really able to write about things that generally I, a paltry journalist, can afford. However(!), I can do so here, so I will in all its unsubbed glory.

This year has been a fantastic one for unexpected collaborations. I am a fan (though admittedly I have not yet had time to take a peek in person) of Uniqlo's visionary partnership with J.W. Anderson. Trust the ever astute and daring Japanese retailer to follow their hard-to-beat Lemaire collab with the fun and kooky Anderson. However, I do have various screen shots of desired items saved in my phone to aid future purchases. (I am an ENTJ on Myers Briggs, which makes me a slave to efficiency.) So this will happen. Moving on.

H&M's collaboration with Erdem is a pleasantly surprising one given the Swedish fashion retailer's track record of partnering with sartorial behemoths over the years. I think most people tell me their favourite was Lanvin, but the only one I ever participated in was an overnight wait at Oxford Circus in London one frosty November for their collection with the one and only Isabel Marant who had experienced a surge in popularity as a result of the Beckett trainers. Until now.

Erdem H&M - Zaneta Cheng Blog October 2017.jpg

Still more of a fashion-insider brand, Erdem has been the go to designer for it girls like Alexa Chung for a while and it is maybe the nerd among fashion designers. Moralioglu's own collections pull inspiration from classical music and the gardens of British country houses. Growing up between Montreal and England, the Turkish-Canadian designer cut his teeth in London and has developed a distinctly new-romantic, British flavour. My longtime love for the classic, edgy, romantic spirit of Parisian style can possibly only be challenged by the Victorian/Edwardian romanticism of traditional British garb.

Scrolling through the show that is now available for plebeian viewing on Vogue the cacophony of starchy high-necked frill and rich gothic floral (this offering rivals Kate Moss's stunners for Topshop that I failed to get my hands on, so I consider this God's second chance for me to get some floral), a couple hoodies and slick suits thrown in the mix makes this a treasure trove that I covet. 

The tartan check suit trousers, multi strap kitten heels, white high necked blouse, and all manner of black lacey goodness are all hot contenders. I already own my fair share of leopard but a second leopard coat with a big black flouncy bow couldn't hurt, could it? 

The Scandi fast fashion giant's choice of designer may hint at a new direction in fashion. Given the trading floor pace at which luxury groups switch out designers in superbrands with all eyes always on the numbers, it seems like H&M has caught on that true creative freedom might now be found in the hands of independent brands where the designer is also the sole director as is the case at Erdem.

Check out my favourite pieces from the collab below and let me know which ones are on your hit list!

Collection hits stores 2 November!