Daily Morning Skincare Routine

I feel like we have now gotten to a point where I can show you all my daytime skincare routine. There's a make up one, and a night time one to follow because it'll get super long otherwise, so here is my face in all its bare glory.

First though, I have to credit my best mate for having taken these – initially for another project she was starting, but which she then ditched because, you know, life. Since the pics exist though, might as well use them, right?

And you probably won't ever get to see me like this because her and I are weird separately, but we're even weirder when we're together, so here is photographic evidence of what two weirdos who have known each other for a really really long time get up to in their spare time.

Zaneta Skincare Routine Step 1 Facewash

Step 1: Facewash

I use the Sothys Cleansing Cream because my mom used to use it. It's generally quite good as a basic, effective cleanser and it does the job without that gross unnatural squeaky feeling. Since it's a daytime routine, I would've you know, just woken up, so this is pretty much the only thing I use to wash my face. But I also occasionally use the Refa MDNA Face Wash, which is also pretty good. Everyone tells me cleansing milk is better but I cannot function if I don't get that lather on my mug.

I'm also only on the bed in street clothes because- backdrop, duh- and the clothes were freshly washed. KIDS STAY OFF THE BED WHEN YOU'VE GOT STREET CLOTHES ON.

Zaneta Cheng Skincare Routine Washing Face

Step 2: Wash that shizz off

I wanted to add this step in because I had a couple photos where I was making faces but also because it's really important to wash your face well. My mother splashes her face 70 times as per the Erno Lazlo method on steroids but I think maybe be less intense and do it for a at least a full minute. Remember the corners of your mouth and all the crevices like around your nose and the sides of your forehead. There are lots of random bits of face that I find (when I think about it carefully, which I do semi-often, because I'm a beauty writer as well, whatcha gonna do) get missed out even when doing a really thorough wash.


Step 3: Toner

I usually don't put on toner but my general practice is to intermittently put on some acid stuff like this awesome Sarah Chapman Skinesis Liquid Facial Resurfacer (available on Net-a-Porter.com if you're in HK). Except I've kind of been a bit of a floozy lately (never in relationships so beauty products are kind of my outlet) and have used another acid toner in its place.

That one is the mega famous Biologique Recherche P50, because I recently came back from a trip to the US and the lovely ladies at Rescue Spa NY suggested I use the acid toner. It's been two weeks since I've started using it every other day and the formula is intense and really good if you want effective exfoliation but I'm getting a bout of skin purging, which sucks. Use at your own risk but don't do it before events if it's your first time. I'll update you if it passes and my skin becomes flawless because of it though.


Zaneta Cheng Skincare Routine Hair Rahua

Step 4: Hair cream

At this point I get a bit bored with my face so I deal with my hair. Also at this point, you'll see that this was taken a while back because my hair is much longer now. Or not. What a narcissist, right?

Anyway, I find the most effective way of doing this hair thing is to actually mix hair creme and and hair oil together for max juiciness. I use Rahua's hair creme (I got mine from Joyce Beauty) and the Kérastase Elixir Ultime and smoosh it all in.

Zaneta Cheng Skincare Routine Serum

Step 5: Serum

Love serum. I'm obsessed with the Dior Hydra Life line. Dior Hydra Life gives me life. Always put serum on. Sometimes I get a bit bored and want to try stuff like oils but I'll always put this on first. This being the Dior Hydra Life Sorbet Water Essence. It's lightweight, hydrating and cooling. Something in it reacts with my eye cream and gives me this blast of iciness that's as though I've got ice patches under my eyes. My skin loves it. Get it.

Zaneta Cheng Skincare Routine Dior Life Serum

I'm putting this in here to let you all see how liquidy the texture is but also for the lols because this DEFINITELY also looks like something else. Hehe.

Zaneta Cheng Skincare Routine Eye Cream

Step 6: Eye Cream

Because this was taken a while back, I've since finished my nice bottle of Lancome eye serum and replaced it with a Sisleya eye cream and now a Susanne Kaufmann eye cream. I really need a good eye cream because allergies, dry eye and pretty much everything irritates my eyes and I rub them like I have all the collagen potential of a five year old. But because I'm not five, I now have glorious under eye wrinkles alongside eye bags and circles so whatever says will fix them, I am game.

Zaneta Cheng Skincare Routine Moisturiser

Step 7: Moisturiser

Again, Dior Hydra Life. it's just awesome. So effective, so light and that amazing cooling sensation. Really good for summer. And sometimes if my face gets itchy or stressed for whatever reason and I can't wash it right away, I dab some of this on. Maybe it's placebo but I stand by it.

Zaneta Cheng Skincare Routine Dior Life Moisturiser

And this is here because nobody ever said you had to be mature as someone entering her late 20s right? And giggles and double chins are always fun.

But actually the instructive benefit exists because that's how I rub my creams in guys, a dot on my forehead, one on each cheek, top of the nose and chin. Then make sure you rub upwards and not down so you don't give yourself jowls. I hate it when facialists/therapists rub my cheeks from my temples to my neck because SAGGING and I have to tell them to stop because I start feeling panicky.

Zaneta Cheng Skincare Sunscreen Shangpree

Step 8: Sunscreen

Lots of steps. But this is THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE. Remember your sunscreen. I actually always forget but am using this opportunity as a PSA and pretending to be v self-righteous. I've made my most serious SUNSCREEN IS IMPORTANT face. It's not about a tan. It's about cancer. Nobody wants cancer. I pay seriously expensive insurance because I'm scared of cancer. So spend your money wisely and get some sunscreen and possibly some insurance.

This one is Korean from a brilliant spa called Shangpree. I've done their facial and maybe some time I will upload some pictures from that. But this sunscreen isn't sticky or smelly and it doesn't give that bizarre white cast. Basically, most concerns people have about sunscreen will not be found in this tube.

I would link it but I don't know anywhere that ships to HK. I usually get it in the duty free bit in Lotte or I go to the spa itself in Seoul. Let me know if you'd like me to write a list of what to buy in Seoul. I have a very professional list at this point that I target whenever I'm there but have heretofore only sent it out to friends if they ask nicely, like maybe three times.

Zaneta Cheng Skincare Routine Sunscreen Shangpree

Ending with a smile because my last face was rather scary. But also this is what your face looks like with the Shangpree sunscreen on. Really glowy and quite happy. Good base for make up which I might document in another post, another time.